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Merkurboard Programmer Module V2

Merkurboard Programmer Module V2


Merkurboard Programmer Module V2

Das ist der Merkurboard Programmer. Einfach mit dem Merkurbaord über das mitgelieferte Kabel anstecken und die Firmware einspielen.

This is the standart Merkurboard Programmer.

This is a redesigned CP2102 module, fully compatible with merkurboard, arduino pro mini, why? because all the pins are same as our FTDI basic board, and most important is the DTR pin enabled as FTDI, so you can directly upload sketch with this one.


Use SILABS’s CP2102 chip, performance is definitely more than made ​​PL2303, encroaching FT232RL. Full board design, full-featured interface. With RXD TXD RST 3.3V DTR DCD RI RTS CTS and other full-featured interface. Some boards can’t work with normal CP2102 boards because of the incomplete interface, now it is not a problem anymore. With 500mA resettable fuse designed to prevent users from burning power pick the wrong computer USB, this is a must.

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