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Smart-SARAH 2019-05-09 Update verfügbar

Die Smart-SARAH Community hat ein Update Image der Smart-SARAH Distribution veröffentlicht:



Smart-SARAH 2019-05-09:
* Node-Red Bugfix config ipv6 to enter to the frontend
* Raspian Update to 2019.04.08
* Chromium browser updated to version 72
* VLC media player updated to version 3.0.6
* RealVNC Server updated to version 6.4.0
* Flash player updated to version
* Performance improvements to SDL library
* Performance improvements to pixman library
* Option to set display underscan added to startup wizard
* Mounted external drives now displayed on desktop by default
* Network plugin modified for improved compatibility with wpa_passphrase
* SD Card Copier tweaks to reduce copy failures
* Various minor bug fixes and appearance tweaks
* Added ethtool
* Added rng-tools
* Add PINN restore support
* Linux kernel 4.14.98
* Raspberry Pi firmware f8939644f7bd3065068787f1f92b3f3c79cf3de9

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